Helping Hands

helping hands10 Years Old – handwritten 1,000 notes to distribute during the dinner service at The Midnight Mission in Los Angeles.
9 Years Old – raised funds for the Vancouver downtown eastside
8 Years old – Donated her hair to the Cancer Foundation
7 Years Old – raised funds for the Rick Hansen Foundation
6 Years Old – raised funds for the Malala Fund

Homeless Boy (Performed By Dan Pitt/Produced By Matthew Davies)

“Dear Human, you are loved.”

From a very young age, Muskan’s instinct to help others had surfaced quite often in many occasions. It started when she was just 6 years old and she was so compelled to see change, yet she hasn’t quite fully realized back then how powerful her impact would be. For her birthday that year, she made a blue box with hand drawn hands and asked her family and friends to donate to her box in lieu of gifts. She raised $1200 and donated it to the Malala Fund and was successful again the next year in raising funds for the Rick Hansen Foundation. One day, her and her mother Meera was driving home from school when they heard a story on the radio about a young man and his journey that led him in becoming homeless. Muskan, not understanding why people go through these challenges was moved to tears listening to the story.

And in that moment, she knew when she heard the voice on the radio say, “If only someone had been kind enough to give me a helping hand, I probably wouldn’t have been homeless.” The mission became clear that day for Muskan and what started as a little blue box; the Helping Hands organization would be concentrating in efforts to help individuals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

The song Homeless Boy from Matthew Davies, really captures the essence of what Helping Hands is all about and how this movement’s mission is to bring awareness to the critical issue of homelessness. He too was moved to produce this song when he encountered a young man’s journey. Almost everyday he saw the same young man sitting on the sidewalk and ignored by the thousands of people who passed by him. This compelled him to use his ability to express this awareness through music.

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