365 Story

One day I came home from school and saw a flyer on our table that had October 20th on it, which is my birthday. I didn’t really understand what that meant as most was in Punjabi, but I did some English words that said, “Gender Equality”. I asked my Mom, she’s a Life Coach and knows about these things. It turns out that the flyer was from an organization who was creating awareness about gender equality. She explained that in some parts of the world, women and girls get treated badly just because they are women and girls. I couldn’t believe it and it made me really sad! I just knew I had to do something, anything, whatever I can from my home here in Canada. So I did a fundraiser at school to donate to the Malala Fund. After that, I still couldn’t stop thinking about it. I knew I had to do more, that I was destined to do more in order to give back and be a part of a worldwide change. I asked my Mom everyday about what else we can do and I felt really sad and frustrated that these things are still happening to girls all over the world.

My Mom gave me a journal and told me to focus on the good and all the blessings that I’m grateful for. She said that when we think about positive thoughts, they have the power to inspire action to do something good. So I started writing, everyday and sometimes more in my journal about things and memories I’m grateful for. When I ran out of pages (after about a year), I showed the journal to my Mom and Dad and told them that here are all my thoughts on gratitude. They encouraged me to share my message with the world and this is how the book came about. I also asked some of my role models and mentors for what they’re grateful for. I’m so honoured that these amazing people let me share with everyone about what they’re grateful for; Serena Dyer, Maya Kanigan, Rick Hansen, Taylor Conroy and Jason Garner. My goal is to help more girls and homeless people with the sales from my book through my organization, Helping Hands.

May I ask you…. what are you grateful for today?

“Love for all humanity.”